Monday, July 14, 2008

Website for Education

The purpose of this blog is to evaluate a website which is used for educational purposes. The website I chose is Education World ( This is a valuable website for teachers. I found it to be appealing and easily navigable. There are different sections designed for lesson plans, administrators, school issues, professional development, and even specifically an area for technology integration. It is a great way for educators to stay informed about changes in technology. There is a large list of other websites listed on this webpage that would also be useful. The list is broken down by specific topics. Another area of the website which I found particularly helpful was the "Techtorials" page. I think for educators who do not feel particularly strong in the basics of technology, then this is an extremely helpful part of the site. I would highly recommend this website, as it has tremendous value to 21st century education. Educators teaching in the 21st century must keep apprised of changes and updates in technology. They must be familiar with using technology in the classroom, as well as, be able to use technology as a resource. This website provides a great avenue for both keeping up with changes and provides a resource for all educators. The only real drawback to the site is that there is an overwhelming amount of information and places to see. The website remedies this problem with an "Education World Mini Site Guide." This "mini" guide makes it much easier to find the paticular information for which is being searched. If this guide still does not provide the necessary information, then there is also a search box which is beneficial. All in all, I would say this site is a great resource for educators.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Blog

This obviously is my first blog. I must admit that I am not doing this of my own accord. It is actually for a school assignment. I 'm not really sure what about my life would be intersting enough to blog about too very often. With that said, I would imagine most of what you read about me would involve my husband and children. Although, I might occasionally go on about the work that goes on in my Lamar classes.